Thursday, July 21, 2011

Week 5

Hello, week 5!  This is traditionally the week where everyone shuts down due to the stress and strain of being in an incredibly intense 6-week graduate program.  There's much weeping and gnashing of teeth involved.  Just kidding...mostly!

It's been a crazy few days.  Last Saturday, I had to be downtown bright and early for the comprehensive exam (I chose to take a 3 hour essay test instead of making a portfolio).  Of course, as luck would have it, this was the morning (like several others) where my CAR WOULDN'T START!  Yup.  My car decided to have a hissy fit that morning.  Luckily, I was leaving early, and had enough time to call my parents and have them bring over my mom's car (since mine was blocking my husband's and I was quickly running out of time).  Of course, 5 minutes after I left, my car started.  Sigh.

The actual test went really well.  50 minutes goes by VERY fast when you're frantically trying to answer 2 essay questions.  It was a little hairy for the first test, but once I realized how much I needed to keep an eye on time, the second and third section went much better.  It was entertaining watching everyone in the room shaking their writing hands furiously throughout and after each section of the test.  I'm feeling very good overall about the test.  If, for some reason, I royally messed up one or more sections, I just have to meet with the grader of that portion of the test and discuss it, and if necessary, retake it. 

Week 5 is where everyone has to buckle down.  For those of us lucky enough to be graduating this year, it also marked Poster Night!  I'll be writing more about that one later, as I have lots of pics to share with it!  It was a great night, and I really feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted...my Master's Project is officially done.  Everything has been turned in, and I'm one step closer to graduating! 

If I can just get my homework done, I am good to go for graduation next Saturday!  Over the next 10 days, I have to make a semester-long assessment for beginning and advanced middle school choir, finish my blog for Gower, finish my repertoire list for Choral methods, and make a power point showing form.  Any takers?   Anyone?   Anyone at all?  No?  Fine, I'll do my own homework. 

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