Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The coolest invention ever made! (Ok, maybe not the coolEST, but pretty awesome!)

I introduce guitar to my 7th grade students, and continue into 8th grade with an advanced class.  One of the problems that I have run into is the problem of guitar picks.  I've had so many guitar picks either grow legs and walk away or they simply vanish into thin air...have you ever had this happen?  I've tried so many different systems to keep them, from making a little holder to labeling each of them, to simply banning picks completely unless they bring their own in.  Still, they vanished.  It's hard to narrow down who helped the pick escape the classroom when up to 3 or 4 kids are using that guitar/pick on a given day.

On plurk, a friend of mine shared a link that made me so excited for this fall.  It's called a Pick Punch. You can either buy sheeting from them in various colors, OR you can use items such as old, used up gift cards, credit cards, club cards, etc.  So, instead of me purchasing picks over and over again, I think I'm going to buy a Pick Punch and start saving up old gift cards (and ask teachers, students and family/friends to do the same).  Gift cards have so many designs. 


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