Monday, August 15, 2011


My music classroom has a new addition this year:

Yup, that's my brand new SMARTboard!  Our district is in the midst of a 2-year rollout for SMARTboards in almost every classroom.  I was lucky enough to be chosen for the first-year rollout.  I was also selected as a SMARTboard Trainer...once we are trained, we are expected to help and train our colleagues/coworkers/team members, even those who don't have a board.  It's an exciting time, but also a bit of a stressful time.  I JUST finished my curriculum for the middle school, and am now trying to create lessons using the SMARTboard.  I'm hoping to find lessons online that others have created as well.

It's scary to believe that the summer is already over and we're gearing up for another year of teaching/learning.  I've had an excellent summer and am glad that I was able to have a little bit of downtime between grad school and the start of the school year!  There are lots of opportunities ahead to be excited about!

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